Buy Palmhenge from Johnny Hickman - Palmhenge


From Johnny's label here, at the Campstove Records Store.


Other Campstove-friendly online retailers... Pitch-A-Tent Records or Miles of Music.


Palmhenge is available in many stores now!

The lovable, hard-working locally owned stores carrying Palmhenge, which are our favorite kind, are too numerous to mention. Don't take that as a reason not to patronize! We wish we could list and support them all. We thank and respect those knowledgeable, music-empassioned people who used to be (and sometimes still are) the only source for independent music. Call ahead and see if they've got Palmhenge on the shelf. If not, most stores can special order. Campstove's distributor is Redeye, if they ask.

Here's a short "for example" list of a few of the stores (big'n'small) that will carry Palmhenge: Amoeba, Easy Street, Plan 9, Amazon, Barnes and Noble*, Tower*, Borders*, Baker and Taylor, Virgin*, Wherehouse*, Musicland*, Ear X-Tacy, Horizon Records, and mooooore....

* If you see a large chain named above, don't assume all branches will have Palmhenge. Most chains will carry an indie release like this in their top stores for the genre, in this case, their top Alt-country/Americana stores.