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The Songs of Palmhenge

Scribbled in the margins of the Palmhenge songbook are all sorts of interesting details. With a little prodding, Johnny relinquished some of the stories behind the songs and the recordings. Keep checking back, we will feature other Palmhenge songs periodically.

Palmhenge Track List:

Song clips are in MP3 format. Right-click on the Listen link and choose Save Target As to save the clip to your computer.

1 Prerequiem (Palmhenge I)
2 The Great Decline (Palmhenge II) - Listen
3 Little Tom - Listen
4 Lucky
5 Southern Cal
6 Harvest Queen
7 The San Bernardino Boy
8 Hacker Boy
9 Little Queen Bee
10 Friends
11 Father Winter
12 Beauregarde's Retreat